Our Specialists

Bundoora Endoscopy offers services from a team of experienced medical professionals including:

Dr Raouf Bassily MBBS MD FRACP

Dr Bassily completed his undergraduate medical degree in Alexandria University, Egypt.  He worked for three years in Alexandria University Hospital where he gained invaluable clinical experience. He passed the RACP exam (UK) before migrating to Austrlaia.  Dr Bassily was awarded a Masters degree in Medicine before starting his Physician training in Australia. His basic training was undertaken at the Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre.

Dr Bassily worked as an Infectious Disease Registrar at Fairfield Hospital, The Royal Melbourne Hospital and The Alfred Hospital.  This involved a combination of experience including HIV medicine, Tropical diseases medicine and Hospital based infectious diseases. He subsequently undertook specialist training in Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Austin Hospital, which gave him extensive experience in liver diseases, liver transplantation, luminal gastroenterology, emergency and elective endoscopy.

Dr Bassily has an interest in community Gastroenterology and Hepatology escpecially Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Functional Bowel Disorders, Coeliac Disease, Colorectal Cancer and Polyps, Endoscopy and Liver Diseases.

Dr Bassily is a Gastroenterologist at the Northern Hospital and works privately at Bundoora Endoscopy, Coburg and Greensborough.

Mr Richard Brouwer  MBBS FRACS

Mr Brouwer is a colorectal surgeon who graduated from Melbourne University in 1995. He did his general surgery fellowship through St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne and then went on to do specialist fellowship training at Auckland Hospital, Austin Hospital, St. Vincent's Hospital and Castle Hill Hospital in the UK. 

Mr Brouwer is a member of the Colorectal Surgical Society of Australasia (CSSANZ).  He currently holds appointments at Austin Hospital and St. Vincent's Public Hospital as a coloretal surgeon and operates in private practice at Warringal and St. Vincent' Private.

Mr Brouwer specialises in laparoscopic (keyhole) colorectal surgery for colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and other benign conditions, Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEMS) and Sacral Nerve Stimulation for faecal incontinence.

Mr Brouwer's main rooms are located at 4/210 Burgundy Street, Heidelberg 3084, Phone: 9459 6555, Fax: 9459 4609 and Level 3, 41 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy 3065, Phone: 9419 3377, Fax: 9416 1192.

Dr Sujie Chandran

Dr Paul Froomes B Med Sci MBBS FACP MD

Dr Froomes is a gastroenterologist currently appointed at The Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre and The Northern Hospital.  He has a private practice at the Essendon Private Hospital, the John Fawkner Private Hospital, as well as Bundoora Endoscopy.  Dr Froomes is also a consultant with the Melbourne Institute of Obesity Surgery and a committee member of Mercy Care Charity Australia.

Dr Froomes graduated from Monash University Medical School in Melbourne and undertook gastroenterology training at the Austin Hospital.  He completed his MD in chronic liver disease at the Austin and has undergone further study in advanced endoscopic techniques in New South Wales and G.I Physiology in South Australia. He is a member of the Gastroenterological Society of Australia and the Australian Medical Assosciation.

Dr Froomes has an interest in endoscopy, functional gut disorders, chronic liver disease, obesity, hydrogen breath testing and inflammatory bowel disease.  He has published papers in international peer reviewed journals and is actively involved in caspule endoscopy research.  Dr Froomes main rooms are situated at 35 Rosehill Rd, West Essendon 3040. Contact details at the rooms are - Ph: 03 9331 3122, Fax: 03 9331 3133, Email: froomesrooms@netspace.net.au, Web: www.drpaulfroomes.com.au


Dr Josephine Grace graduated from Manchester University in the UK and emigrated to Australia in 2004. She has 20 years of experience in general medicine and gastroenterology in the UK and in Melbourne, and holds an appointment as a Gastroenterologist at the Austin Hospital. She recently completed a PhD in liver disease, and has been awarded awards from the Gastroenterology Society of Australia and the NHMRC. She regularly presents at international gastroenterology and hepatology conferences and has publications in top ranking journals.

Dr Grace has a particular interest in endoscopy, liver disease, coeliac disease and functional bowel disease including irritable bowel syndrome, and is happy to consult on a broad range of gastroenterology and hepatology disorders. She is available to discuss patients with GPs and other specialists by telephone and can accommodate urgent patients at short notice. To book an appointment with her at Bundoora Endoscopy please call GastroCare on 9467 9589 or email admin@gastroenterologist.com.au.

Dr Shamilah Lachal  MBBS  PhD FRACP

Dr Shamilah Lachal currently practices at Western Health, Footscray and Sunshine and at Broadmeadows Health Service as part of Northern Health. Dr Lachal's work has consisted of care of patients in an inpatient and outpatient setting, as well as performing gastroscopy and colonoscopy. Dr Lachal believes that gastroenterology is a diverse and exciting field and continues to maintain a broad range of interests including general gastroenterology, inflammatory bowel disease and hepatology.

To book a consultation or a procedure with Dr Shamilah Lachal, please contact Bundoora Endoscopy on 03 9466 8466.

Dr Steve Lontos MBBS FRACP MD

Dr Steve Lontos graduated from the Melbourne University and completed his specialist gastroenterology training at the Austin Hospital.  After being awarded a GESA scholarship, Dr Lontos completed his MD in chronic liver disease.  Dr Lontos maintains a broad range of interests, including GORD, coeliac disease, bowel cancer screening, liver disease and capsule endoscopy.

Dr Lontos' currently practices at the Austin Hospital and his main rooms are located at the Austin Private Consulting Suites, 226 Burgundy Street Heidelberg. Ph: 9459 9522, Fax: 9457 1726, Email: info@negastro.com.au.  


Dr Tin Nguyen graduated with first class Honours from Monash Medical School in 2000.  He completed his Gastroenterology training at the Alfred and St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne.  Subsequently, he was awarded a Gastroenterological Society of Australia Research Scholarship, and completed a two year postgraduate hepatology fellowship in chronic hepatitis B at St. Vincent's Hospital and the Victorian Infectious Disease Reference Laboratory.

Dr Nguyen continues to maintain a broad range of Gastroenterology interests including endoscopy, the management of viral hepatitis, inflammatory bowel disease and functional bowel disorders.  He also works at St Vincent's public hospital, where he is also able to enrol patients into clinical trials where appropriate.

Dr Nguyen's main rooms are located at Suite 1, Latrobe University Medical Centre, Corner Kingsbury Drive and Plenty Road, Bundoora.  Contact details for his rooms are - Phone: 9473 8865, Fax: 9473 8868, Email: dr.nguyen@gastronorth.com.au

  Mr Tom Sweeney MD FRACS

 Dr Peter Tagkalidis MBBS BA PhD FRACP

Dr Peter Tagkalidis did his undergraduate medical degree at the University of Melbourne, and his clinical residency and registrar years at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. His initial gastroenterology training was also at the Royal Melbourne Hosptial.

Dr Tagkalidis undertook a PhD in inflammatory bowel disease at the University of Melbourne, which he completed in 2003.  He then spent a year at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA, as the advanced endoscopy fellow.

He currently practices at the Royal Melbourne, West Footscray and Broadmeadows hospitals in the public system, and at Melbourne Private and Epworth hospitals in the private system

Dr Tagkalidis is particularly interested in therapeutic endoscopy and inflammatory bowel disease, and is a very experienced endoscopist performing procedures such as gastroscopy, colonoscopy (inlcuding polypectomy and endoscopic mucosal resection), endoscopic ultrasound and ERCP.

Dr Peter Tagkalidis main rooms are situated at Suite 111, 55 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne (near RMH). Contact details at the rooms are - Ph:9326 6595, Fax: 9326 6130, Email: tagpp@optusnet.com.au

Dr Adam Testro MBBS FRACP PhD

Dr Adam Testro is a staff Gastroenterologist at the Austin Hospital Department of Gastroenterology and The Victorian Liver Transplant Unit.  After working on the Intestinal Transplant Unit in Pittsburg, USA, he has completed a PhD in Liver Transplant Immunology.

Dr Testro is particularly interested in liver disease, viral hepatitis, intestinal disorders, endoscopy amd capsule endoscopy, however is pleased to consult on any gastrointestinal issue, is available to discuss urgent referrals with General Practitioners as required, and more than happy to facilitate urgent patients at short notice.

To book a consultation or procedure with Dr Adam Testro, please contact Bundoora Endoscopy on 03 9466 8466.

Dr Rhys Vaughan MBBS PhD FRACP

Mr Malcolm Wiley MBBS Dip Epi & Biostats FRACS

Dr Daljean Sandhu MBBS FRACP - Hepatology

Dr Daljean Sandhu is a Consultant Gastroenterologist and Endoscopist. She completed her undergraduate training at Monash University. Her specialist Gastroenterology training was at the Austin and Western Hospitals. This has given her a broad training and knowledge in general gastroenterology and chronic liver disease. She also went on to complete an Interventional Endoscopy fellowship at the Western Hospital, which has provided her with additional endoscopic skills.

She has public appointments at the Austin and Western Hospitals. Her private rooms are here in Bundoora Endoscopy and at Bundoora Specialist Health Care.

As well as general Gastroenterology, Diagnostic and Interventional Endoscopy, her interest also extend to Functional Gut Disorders (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Viral Hepatitis, Autoimmune Hepatitis, Chronic Liver disease, Pancreatic and Hepatobiliary disease. She also participates in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program and she has ready access to other investigations like Hydrogen Breath testing and Capsule Endoscopy.

She is available to discuss patients with GPs and other specialists by telephone and can accommodate urgent patients at short notice. To book an appointment with her at Bundoora Endoscopy please call the receptionist on Tel: 9466 8466 / Fax: 9466 8455 (reception@bundooraendoscopy.com.au) or contact the receptionist at Bundoora Specialist Health Care on Tel: 94708300 / Fax: 9470 8311 (reception@bshc.com.au).

The above specialists work in conjunction with the following specialist anaesthetists:

  • Dr Jun Keat Chan
  • Dr Marcus Choy
  • Dr Maria Cincotta
  • Dr Hella Deifuss
  • Dr James Gleddan
  • Dr Linda Gualano
  • Dr Amar Singh Jangi
  • Dr Atlas Ko
  • Dr Elmo Mariampillai
  • Dr Amardeep Nanuan
  • Dr Beng Oh
  • Dr Brad O'Connor
  • Dr Francis Parker
  • Dr Moira Rush
  • Dr Stephanie Sarantopolous
  • Dr Mark Zammit
  • Dr John Zois